Georgiana C
Ref# 1003

About Me
My name is Georgiana C. I'm a 10-year-old girl.

My birthday is
May 18, 2012.

My Story

…Music opens doors to learning for 7-year old Georgiana 

Peaking out from behind her quiet demeanor, Georgiana’s playful spirit is always ready to sing and dance. Her early childhood splintered when she and six siblings were separated from their parents and placed in foster care. Seemingly overnight, Georgiana was adjusting to life in an orphanage and then suddenly chosen by a stranger who brought her “home.” It’s been two years since she last saw any members of her family. All of her siblings were returned to their parents, but Georgiana was left behind. When singing, Georgiana becomes more self-assured and happily immerses herself. She is proud of knowing the words to songs and being able to share them. Most importantly, this ability is showing her that she is capable of learning. That, in itself, is lighting Georgiana’s path forward. We are not sure why she didn’t rejoin the family, but she has one hand that is semi-paralyzed and children with disabilities are often marginalized in the poverty-stricken area in which Georgiana was born. Our most immediate goal is to have Georgiana evaluated by a speech pathologist and to determine the teaching approach that is best suited to the way she learns. Longer-term, we aim to share this information with her local public school and work together so that Georgiana can have the support she needs and remain in school.