Vladimir T
Ref# 1019

About Me
My name is Vladimir T. I'm a 5-year-old boy.

My birthday is
January 30, 2017.

My Story

Our hope for 4-year-old Vladimir is that with early intervention, he will be able to attend a mainstream kindergarten class. He was given a diagnosis of autism and does not speak very much. Yet Vladimir is a sociable little boy and communicates with the other children despite not having formal language skills. Our team at the Delia’s Friends Learning Center says Vlad has a real “stick to it” attitude and always finishes what he is working on, never leaving it halfway completed. He especially becomes engrossed in building activities and will happily focus on his newest construction. Like many of our kids at the Center, Vlad also loves play dress up. We would like to have a speech pathologist work with Vladimir to improve his language skills.