Andrei P
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About Me
My name is Andrei P. I'm a 11-year-old boy.

My birthday is
February 3, 2011.

My Story

The severity of 8-year-old Andrei’s autism diagnosis has led him to be labeled as mentally deficient by the Romanian education system. His local public school does not have teachers or therapists who are trained to work with autistic students. Although he does not speak, not a sound, Andrei has learned to communicate with others by gestures. Andrei often feels overstimulated and our teachers are able to ease his agitation by having him put on headphones that were supplied through our Delia’s Friends Autism Program. In his own way, Andrei lets us know that he enjoys coloring books and building with LEGO pieces. It is through working with Andrei, and our other autistic children, that one of our teachers requested specialized autism training so that she can be more effective in understanding the best way to teach and educate.