George B
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About Me
My name is George B. I'm a 13-year-old boy.

My birthday is
March 22, 2009.

My Story

Ten-year-old George doesn’t leave his home very often.  

As George is growing older, his world is becoming smaller. Born with spastic cerebral palsy that affects all of his limbs, George is unable to walk or to hold up his torso and head. When he was younger, it was not too difficult for George’s mother or father to carry him when visiting friends or family. Now, as George continues to grow, both he and his mother are frequently housebound during the week as it is not possible for her to carry him everywhere. Two bright spots of that week are Monday and Thursday mornings. On those days, George attends The Vibrant Kids Holistic Center in the small town of Barlad, Romania. At Vibrant Kids, George is part of a community of children and teachers for the first time in his life. We would like to have a wheelchair for George so that both he and his family can partake of life in Barlad.  A neck corset would keep George’s neck from flopping and prevent injury. George’s mother says that the two mornings a week at Vibrant Kids have been life-changing for him. Our team is concerned that one day George will be too heavy for his mother to carry him from their home to the car and into the Center. Being able to sit up properly would open new worlds for George and ensure that Delia's Learning Center is a highlight in his life.