Madalina P
Ref# 1010

About Me
My name is Madalina P. I'm a 11-year-old girl.

My birthday is
October 11, 2011.

My Story

Eight-year-old Madalina P. is one of the children who has progressed a lot since we have met her. She has some health conditions and developmental delays. Madalina understands every activity we do together and she loves attention, so we really like spending time with her and making her smile. Madalina is a fast learner when given a chance with one-on-one instruction. She gets along well with the other girls, but around boys, she has a tendency to shyness (her foster mother thinks that she was mistreated by older children during her time spent in an orphanage waiting for somebody to foster her, so that can explain her attitude towards other children.)